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Nicky's love and passion for cooking will sure to please you and your guest on your special day! Nicky G's caters throughout the Abilene area. The idea of starting a delivery meal service and catering company, which focuses on creating masterful and complete meals originated in Nicky G's child hood kitchen. It all started while cooking with her father, Ed 30 years ago. Nicky G started cooking with her father, Ed Sr, when she was just five years old. ÏI remember being in the kitchen with him, a master chef, and making Sunday dinners for the rest of my family. Not only was it a great way to spend time with my dad, it was a great gift to create something of value for my familyÓ After graduating from high school Nicky started to work at the Abilene Country Club helping prepare meals for club guests as well as special events and catering. Nicky G has used those lessons learned in her family kitchen to propel her to start ÏNicky G'sÓ in Abilene Texas. ÏEveryone loves to eat and I love to cook. The reason for starting Nicky G's is to provide folks with a gift Ò the gift of food. So many great memories are started with a good meal and I want to pass that along to every guest. I do not just want our guests to like the food, I want them to have a memorable experience!Ó


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