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Goddard Studios

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  • CA - Orange County / Inland Empire
  • CA - Los Angeles
  • CA - San Diego
"Goddard Studios Photography is based out of Laguna Beach, California and are the combined talents of two photographers: Collin and Anna Goddard".

We care deeply about all the wonderful people we photograph on a daily basis, and feel very lucky that not only do we get to be creative and have a job we love, but to also know that we make our clients very happy!

We met in Munich Germany, fell in love, got married and traveled the world together for our careers; it started initially by being in front of the camera, but then gradually we made our way behind the camera 12+ years ago. Our combined exposure to being in the fashion business for many years, understanding (body) composition, working side by side with incredible top fashion photographers, the best stylists and make up artists in the world, plus the knowledge we gained from world travel, taught us a lot and molded us into the photographers we are today.

Having developed a style that’s NOT over the top dramatic, posed and over-done, we strive to make everybody look good, in their natural ways (lifestyle photography). We’ll use our creativity to set up certain shots, but spontaneity and raw emotion and making the picture look like it's "alive", is what we live for. We’ll guide you, or wait for that right moment, knowing it’s going to happen, and then when it happens- it is too cool for words. It’s that combination that makes a great picture, with anybody, even the ones that think they’re not photogenic, or think they look awkward or “can’t move well” in pictures.
People have told us that everybody seems to have such a great time in our photographs- that’s because they do! And we always capture it.

Besides Fashion, Kids, Teens, Families etc, we LOVE to shoot weddings. There’s nothing redundant about weddings and we so love capturing all the special moments of our couple’s best day of their lives.

Ironically we don’t have one picture from our own "Las Vegas" wedding. Our story was awesome (so spontaneous and sooo young and in love) but we don’t have anything to show for, only the memories. Our kids and family (and us!!!) would have loved to see some pictures, but what didn’t seem important back then, became hugely important later. Maybe it’s for this reason too, that we want to make sure our couples have their wedding captured and captured right. This way they can relive their memories and show their kids and grand kids without having to say a word. The pictures will tell the story…

That’s our goal for each and every shoot. We have fun doing it, we love the people we meet, and we love to make people happy!

*Our company has our name on it and therefore we take great pride in the work we do, and do not trust our work to assistants and “associate photographers”. All of our work is done solely by us, providing you with a finished product that we feel is unique as you are, and service that is unparalleled.

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