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Ali Fortunato's lifelong love affair with flowers began while watching her grandfather work in his garden. 'I will forever cherish my childhood memories of feeling small in a vast garden, of learning, asking questions, of the smell of roses and peonies, of dirt under my fingernails. 'Fortunato, the founder of Ali Fortunato Botanics + StylingÛformerly European Flower ShopÛhas been working in the floral industry since 1995. Growing up outside New York City, she studied under her mentor, a Master Designer and instructor at the NYC Botanical Gardens. In addition to working with flowers for more than 15 years, Fortunato holds a Fine Arts degree, with a focus in sculpture, from the University of Vermont. 'Flowers represent love, relationships, beauty, family, and community. Flowers at a wedding tell a story of the couple and their journey together,' she says. Fortunato's experience, along with her passion, creativity, and natural talent for design help her execute each client's individual vision. 'When I go to the market I have an idea of what I am buying for each event, but I always leave with what calls to me in those moments,' she says. 'I love that not one flower in a bunch is the same; they all have different personalities. I style them to fall organically into place, the way they would in natureÛnever forced. 'Fortunato's work has been featured on top wedding editorials and in print magazines including MAGNOLIA ROUGE, WEDDING SPARROW, and ONCE WED.


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