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Charlottesville, Virginia

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I am known for my fresh, soft, natural, romantic makeup and hair looks. I joke with my clients that we are trying to make you look like the most healthy, well-rested, hydrated version of yourself. On a wedding day, my goal is always to make you feel like the best version of yourself. For some, that means incorporating false lashes. For others, that means letting their freckles show through. Every human is so individual and full of so much beauty. I am passionate about discovering that beauty and ushering it into the world.

I want you to feel like you. The most gorgeous version of you.

I am a licensed professional make-up artist and hair stylist living in Athens, Georgia, and available anywhere. 

I am a beauty expert specializing in modern minimal glam for fashionable events and brands. Encouraging and cultivating beauty is what I do. 


Charlottesville, Virginia
Atlanta, Georgia
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