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Ashley Douglass Event's mission is to create beautiful, genuine and personal experiences that inspire our clients and their guests. These experiences will imbue our client's events with the significance and joy they deserve. We pour our hearts into this job. We have a talent for understanding each of our different clients and then planning an event that is an honest reflection of them. Our success comes out of our focus on giving and, with that, listening to our client's individual needs. Our client's are educated, cultured and curious individuals, who appreciate creativity and understated elegance. Your event will be smart, be it casual or formal, traditional or more unique. Every choice is about experience - unexpected details wake guests up and put them into the room, as does simplicity when well executed. The service, the flow, the entertainment and lighting, every detail small and large - they all matter. We expect our staff to have autonomy, follow-through and support the mission of the company. A supportive and collaborative environment with open lines of communication, continual learning and forward thinking is paramount. When we put in our best work our events leave clients with very high levels of satisfaction, which is absolutely necessary in a field of work that has Îone shot' to get it right. Please give us a call (or email) for a complimentary consultation. Ashley Douglass + Team


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