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Providence, Rhode Island

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Bénédicte Verley Photography is a professional photo studio specializing in high end boutique weddings catering to the best and brightest clients who have a discerning eye for quality and a love of photography as an art form. Bénédicte Verley Photography is renowned for its timeless and iconic images, many of which grace the pages of many national magazines, as well as it's high quality of craftsmanship of its exclusive hand bound albums and slinky books. Based in Rhode Island, Bénédicte Verley loves the artists life by the ocean, yet their work takes them to NYC, California, Europe and beyond. Bénédicte is the main creative force behind the images, editing and production within the studio, yet her team of amazingly talented photographers, designers and artisans make the whole family of Bénédicte Verley Photography complete.


Providence, Rhode Island
Newport, Rhode Island
Boston, Massachusetts
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