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Based in Brooklyn, Cake Hero is run by Melissa Torres, a self taught sugar artist and entrepreneur. What began as a hobby has blossomed into a business that has received praise and attention from Vogue, New York Magazine, and many others.  Melissa uses hand made artistry, delicious flavor combinations, and ethically sourced ingredients to lovingly create every cake, each one unique.

A cake is a sweet and magical way to mark a new beginning and to share a special moment with family and friends. It is with that in mind that Melissa has chosen to focus on Fair Trade ingredients, the purchase of which support the environment, as well as the fair and ethical payment and treatment of farmers who produce many baking essentials. When a Cake Hero cake is created, we like to think we are uplifting and celebrating not only our special moments, our families, and our local community, but the global community as well.

Your purchase of a Cake Hero cake means that together, we are a force for good in our business and purchasing practices. We try to extend this way of thinking to our packaging, and make an effort to use recycled cake boxes and parchment paper, and biodegradable cellophane bags whenever possible.


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