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About Daniel Jireh Photography

As a master photographer with over 17 years of experience capturing timeless moments in the stunning location
of Los Cabos, I am Daniel Jireh.

My unwavering passion is to capture the essence of love and romance, and I am committed to making sure your special day is forever immortalized in beautiful, elegant photographs.

I understand that every detail, every spontaneous moment, is crucial on your wedding day. That’s why I always bring along a talented second photographer

to make sure nothing goes unnoticed. And, being based in Cabo, you won’t have to worry about the added cost of travel or accommodations for myself or my team.

Let me be the visual storyteller of your love story, creating luxurious and romantic memories that will last a lifetime.

Before imagining your perfect wedding photos,
be open to adventure and collaboration. Trust and creativity are key to capturing meaningful memories.

Let’s draft a creative pact to unleash our imagination and break free from traditional wedding photography norms. Embrace the unknown,

try new things, and let’s discover the purest version of your love. This is a journey for both of us.


Los Cabos, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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