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I specialize in preserving love stories along with all your success stories in the mix. My heart continues to grow for intimate celebrations which deserve documentation. I have been seeing life from behind the lens for well over 5 years. Preserving fleeting little moments has been my full time gig for a little under a year now and I have been so blessed by each of you to be able to make this dream of working in art come true.

Believe it or not, more than my passion for preserving magic is my passion for people. There is already a place in my heart reserved just for you and I can not wait for you to make your journey there. I value a good relationship and strong connection and you will get just that!

Whatever you are here for, know I am honored. I'm honored you see my work and I am honored to be considered as your photographer. Your weddind day is less than .01% of your life for many. Let me help you make that moment last beyond you. 


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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