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Richmond, Virginia

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I like to make things. Lots of things. Pretty things. What kinds of things exactly? I'm so glad you asked! Simply put, I take any idea and bring it to life through my artistic expertise. What really delights me is when someone like you has a brilliant idea for a piece of artwork, but they're just not sure who turn to to make it happen. Well, I'm here to tell you that I'm your gal! But just in case you're not fully convinced that I'm the one for the job, here's a little background on me and my artistic adventure thus far...

I've been drawing on restaurant and shop chalkboards and windows since 2011. After moving to Los Angeles in 2014, I got the opportunity to work at True Food Kitchen, where I regularly updated their seasonal chalkboard a-frames, chalk walls, and tea and food labels with names and pictures of the most colorful, seasonal produce. 

A few years ago my best friend got married, which then propelled me into the wedding industry. I started making chalkboard and wooden pallet signs, as well as teaching myself modern and traditional calligraphy for invitations and place cards. I also began making wedding maps to represent important locations like the chapel, reception venue, and accomodations.  I call anything I do that's wedding related, a "wedding creative."


Richmond, Virginia

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