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I photograph a lot of people. A LOT. Almost everyone (literally: everyone) tells me they're not photogenic. I get it, I’m the same way. But, what I see, is something so incredibly different. We are never truly objective of ourselves, and, funny enough, neither are our loved ones. The thing that makes us beautiful is not our angles or contours. What makes us beautiful is subjective: our smile, our energy, or the way we make someone feel... And your lover will want every photo they can get their hands on because, in one way or another, they will remind them of you.

There’s a lot of insight & intuition that goes into photographing your wedding day. Observation and experience through the years have taught me to—in a nanosecond—look at light, lines, shapes, contrasts, and other compositional elements, so that in each moment I can let my creativity take over. I trust that ‘my eye’ will give me that balance of vision and technique in capturing the strength and delicacy of each moment.  

I’ll be there to guide you. To create an enjoyable environment, where you feel confident and beautiful. To give you an oeuvre of images so you can relive all the parts of your day, effusively. I move seamlessly capturing candids: from the little looks you give each other, to the big smiles, laughs, and tears of your family and friends, to the moments where you’re surrounded on the dance floor, singing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs. And it won’t feel stuffy, ever. 

So, on your wedding day, of all days: smile as big as you can, feel all of the feels, dance in the pure fun and joy of it all. Have the time of your life. Forget we’re here to make photos. Live in your moments. Simply, be in love with each other. Cheers to making memories, forever.

I love to travel and your destination is never too far. Fiind out more about my collections by emailing me at leila@leilabrewsterphotography. com.



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