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San Diego, California

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Founded in 1978, Mariachi Real De San Diego has established itself as a leader in its genre under the direction of its founder and leader, Pedro Gonzalez. Professionalism, dedication, and loyalty to the century old traditions of the music and culture of Mexico continue to drive this group to new heights. TopDog DeadlyDesire SpaceThis Mariachi group has appeared in various movies including 'Top Dog', starring Chuck Norris, 'Deadly Desire' starring Jack Scalia, the TV Mini Series 'Space' with James Garner, and 'La Migra' to be released in 2014, as well as television commercials for the Del Mar Racing Season. Mariachi Real has also performed for the Republican National Convention, two Super Bowls, the World Series, the All-Star Game and countless festivals and special events for international corporations and dignitaries. Mariachi Real de San Diego has recorded three professional CD's for Mardi Gras Recording Studio from New Orleans which are 'Ultimate Mariachi', 'Mariachi Classics', and 'Best of Mariachi Instrumentals' available on iTunes and Amazon.


San Diego, California

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