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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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THIS IS OUR STORY. THIS IS MERAKI WEDDINGS. Our story goes back to 2015, when a small team of passionate creatives in San Pedro Garza Garc'a, M»xico, decided to flip everything they knew about wedding films. . . and make something new. Something exciting, something classic. Five years later and here we are, a multicultural team of videographers, photographers, designers, sound mixers, editors, color graders, sales and managers. . . all coming together to create an experience of wedding films and photography that will live in our couples' lives forever. Our way of capturing these meaningful moments is creating an atmosphere of documentary style to get the most out of every situation. We go in and we get to know you, we laugh together, and yes, sometimes we cry together. We are the people that will -literally- walk down the aisle with you, that will dance with you, that will remind you to breathe the second right before you see the love of your life, and most importantly, that will tell your story just how it happened and how you will remember it for the years to come.


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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