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New Orleans, Louisiana

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Planning a memorable celebration in the Big Easy, arguably the merriest city in the country, can be an arduous task. New Orleans is a place like no other, a city that is vibrant, welcoming, relaxing, festive and the embodiment of a plain ol' good time. It's a town that has seen some of the best bashes for almost 300 years. You'll wonder, even agonize over, one main point: What can I do to set my event apart? How will I give my guests and myself a party to top them all? It's quite simple. Contact NOLA BASH. Danielle Couturie is the owner and director of NOLA BASH. She has years of experience in designing and executing distinctive events. As a New Orleans native, Danielle is familiar with the Gulf Coast and the unique culture that defines the area. So let NOLA BASH provide the event of a lifetime for you in New Orleans, or let us bring a bit of the ambiance of the city to the location of your choosing along the Gulf Coast. Either way, let us give you and your loved ones a BASH that will change or even define the way you celebrate for the rest of your lives.


New Orleans, Louisiana

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