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Where Wedding Planning Marries Wellness | The Bridal Retreat is a 3 day / 4 night holistic experience designed to guide you through an enjoyable wedding planning journey. Daily inclusions: yoga, meditation, mindset, journaling, healthy eating and wedding planning. Working alongside Master Wedding Director, Kristin Sullivan, she and her team of experts provide guidance, one-on-one coaching, training, and assistance in five key areas of wedding planning and personal wellbeing. After all, getting married should be a time of self-care, not stress! Say Yes to No Stress!! Whether you bring your bestie, mom, or your bride tribe, the tools and takeaways from this experience will bring all of you a lifetime of healthier living and new habits, in addition to one amazing wedding on the horizon. The wedding day isn't the only weekend to look forward to this year Ò your bridal retreat will be a milestone memory you'll never forget!


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