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The name PARDOMAS means reflection. The word reflection is very important to me because it's technically how a photograph is made, with the reflection of light through mirrors and it's my main goal to create a tangible reflection of my clients on their special day. We shoot wedding photography nationwide. It doesn't matter if you're on the West Coast, East Coast, or anywhere in between. My name is Robbie Snider, founder and lead photographer of Pardomas. I have a strong passion for traveling, working with people, and photography. I can't think of a better way to mix these passions than to shoot weddings. Getting to shoot a wedding is like getting a backstage pass to a special event. I get to witness all the the events leading up to the ceremony and watch it all come together into a beautiful moment, and I get to be lucky enough to document it along the way. Every couple and their wedding is extremely unique. It's just as exciting as it is crucial to get to know them and who they are as a couple. This allows to get the best possible pictures of the couple that best resembles who they are. One of the ways I do this is by shooting the free engagement session. This allows me to spend time with the couple and a chance for us to get comfortable with each other. Shooting a wedding is a combination of product, photojournalism, commercial, portraiture, and event photography. Being a wedding photographer allows me to introduce all of my photography experience and styles into one day. I believe the best wedding photographers have an array of photography skills and techniques. I don't think the word "style" is a word a true photographer should use. It is up to the photographer to know what look the couple wants and it's up to the photographer to capture that look. It's important to know how to use natural light as well as introducing their own light and when to use which. Having these skills allows a photographer to push their limits and continuously create beautiful unique images.


Orange County, California
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