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Hello, we are Ryan & Jillian McGrath a husband and wife photography team. We met young, fell instantly in love with a love at first sight moment and we we've been inseparable ever since, spending almost half of our lives together. We are adventurous spirits who are constantly looking to experience nature and take in beautiful landscapes around our own state of Pennsylvania to the furthest place we can imagine, no location is too far or too crazy to us. Photography, especially wedding photography is a true passion for us because right after our own wedding we had a few family losses. Receiving our wedding images was almost like having our loved ones back in our lives, seeing their smiles as they celebrated with us we could almost feel their embrace again. This feeling is truly what we want to give to all of our couples. We fell in love with photography because we are able to capture the essence and likeness of some of the most important people you'll have around you on your wedding day. Though life can be fleeting, and we learned this early in our relationship, nothing is more special and fills your heart like having your special moments to look back on and relive over and over again. The small moments along with the big moments are what make up your wedding day and we want to give those all to you.


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