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Be it a party or a big event like a marriage or a formal setting like a business meeting where you plan to meet your seniors or business clients, Bespoke Ensemble NYC can tailor unique and stylish custom suits that give you the added confidence which comes from wearing bespoke tailored clothes. Our custom tailored bespoke suits are made using only the finest fabric available from the premium mills that are hand sewn using silk threads. At Bespoke Ensemble New York, custom suits are hand cut from a pattern made specifically for your body. The suits are tailored with many of the Savile Row's traditional techniques by tailors with decades of experience. Every part of the suit from the lapel to the button holes is professionally hand sewn including hand padded lapels and hand sewn pockets that are perfectly placed along with specially designed comfort waist bands. Wearing a custom tailored suit therefore make you look classy and comfortable as it is designed to flatter your figure. When you choose Bespoke Ensemble for your custom suits we spend time with you taking measurements and discussing your personal preferences. We ask you several questions to achieve perfection in the selection of color, fabric and styles that are just right for you. Once this is done, your personal pattern is stored and you can continue to use that same pattern to place orders for future custom suits. If you wish to order a perfectly fitted custom suit or a made to measure suit, please take a few minutes to visit our website or call us for a free consultation.


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