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We provide tuxedo rentals at the most affordable rates in the country with the friendliest policies in the business. A complete tuxedo rental is $69 and includes jacket, pants, shirt, choice of vest or cummerbund, choice of neckwear, formal studs & cufflinks and a formal garment bag for clean storage and transport. Get your items delivered to your door 7-10 days before your event for early try-on. If anything doesn't fit, let us know, we'll send out fitting replacements for free without you having to send back the original items first. Use our Group Tuxedo Manager to plan your wedding tuxedos, design & assign styles to people in your group, and track progress of your wedding party. It's 100% free to use and there are not additional fees. Register today and lock in $60-Off pricing forever!


Northern New Jersey, New Jersey
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