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Fun facts about us:Ò We, Citlalli and Tamara, are sistersÒ We have been doing this for over 12 yearsÒ We were born in Mexico City and have been living in Cancun for over 26 yearsÒ We're kind of vegans, but not really. If we are hungry and run out of vegan options, will eat anything available. Specially after shooting nonstop for 8 hours. Ò Citlalli can sleep without moving an inch for the entire night. Weirdo. Ò Tamara has a son, he is 11. He loves to share his food and wants to be a gamer or a YouTuber. Shocking, we know. Ò Citlalli plays field hockey and loves salsa dancing. Ò Tamara knows everything about animals. EVERYTHING. Ò We have shot over 600 weddings together. Ò Big Harry Potter fans. And our hard drives are named after GOT and TWD characters. Ò We may, or may not, make up songs' lyrics about every single thing that happens to usÒ We have collected almost 100 awarded images in different international contests. Ò In the wedding photography industry, Citlalli has been invited as speaker and teacher in Mexico, USA, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal, UK, Belgium, Neatherlands, Italy, France and soon India!Ò Our favorite events are destination weddings with people that care about real moments, emotions and their loved ones. Family comes first for both of us Ò


Cancún, Mexico

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