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Portland, Maine
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Elusive Photography is a wedding and elopement photographer based in New England, and serving Southern Florida and the Keys, Colorado, and other destination locations. We serve everyone and all types of weddings, but specialize in green and sustainable weddings and adventure and destination elopements! Our photography can be described as clean and sharp, with an emphasis on visual depth and true, yet dramatized coloring. We don't love poses, we're obsessed with real, true emotion! Our goal is to tell your unique story with your wedding images, and that is best done with scrunchy-nosed smiles, tear filled eyes, laughs with a mouth wide-open, and all of the other movement and feelings involved. We're proud to live outside of the box of where many wedding vendors are. We care about people and we care about the planet, not so much about what's "pretty. " Check out our values and the About Us on our website to learn about how we give back to our community, incentivize social giving, and educate, encourage, and sponsor green initiatives. Check out our blog to read all about the sustainable inspiration weddings we create and ask us for recommendations for how to make your own event more sustainable!


Portland, Maine

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