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Erin McGinn is a multifaceted photographer focused on storytelling for hospitality brands, makers, and lovers. With an essence of sun-kissed Southern California and roots in little Rhode Island, Erin’s lifelong love of travel inspires her experiential photos. Her background as a wedding planner, magazine editor, and stylist has trained her eye to see not only your moments, but details and design to tell your full story.

Her fly-on-the-wall mindset is to let the day unravel as it may, never pausing you during important formalities, but capturing your raw emotion artfully and unobtrusively. Erin works primarily with natural light and has a penchant for outdoor weddings and private home events. Ever entranced by the timelessness and imperfection of film, and infusing analog mediums when she can, you can assure your photos will never feel dated or trendy, but classically fresh.


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