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Kristin Coffin Jewelry's original designer engagement rings & wedding bands are sold online only, and we ship worldwide. We offer a unique selection of antique-inspired rings featuring a range of alternative gemstones: conflict-free diamonds, moissanite, lab-grown diamonds, sapphires, rustic & rose cut diamonds, and more. Our rings are meticulously made in eco-friendly recycled golds or platinum. Each piece of jewelry is individually made in the Unites States by Kristin's team of metalsmiths, using both traditional and modern metalsmithing techniques. Our rings are sustainable, timeless, unique, and affordable. We offer a more personalized ring buying experience than you can find in stores. Unlike when you shop at a big jewelry store, you'll be communicating directly with Kristin, the owner & designer, to find your perfect engagement ring! Email Kristin@kristincoffin. com and to find your perfect ring!


Denver, Colorado
Aspen, Colorado
Cheyenne, Wyoming

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