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At Kristin Newman Designs, your experience begins the moment you engage us. So, from the beginning, you'll be immersed in a fun, warm, chic, celebratory environment where you can be yourself. The relationship we begin in the comfort and pleasure of that environment - over the course of convivial conversations and gatherings, is the reason we do what we do. It's within those moments that you reveal to us, your essence. It's that essence which serves as our inspiration for crafting truly original, bespoke events: an expression and experience of what matters most to you. A unique ability to engage, nurture, and draw forth the essence of each bride and groom enables Kristin Newman Designs to create a wedding experience that, from start to finish, feels like a natural extension of grace and hospitality. Our warm, intuitive team offers an experience of true luxury based on a commitment to taking exceptional care of our clients throughout the planning process. You will recognize it as a return to the lost art of entertaining, to people who derive their worth through their guests' happiness, to a simple elegance that invites love to shine through. With the understanding that each part of the wedding journey should be a moment worth savoring, we embrace each couple's individuality, style and energy with respect, warmth, and expertise. The goal: to create a living, breathing, artistic experience that client and guest will remember for years to come.


Charleston, South Carolina

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