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Mariée Ami is a full-fledged destination event planning, production, and design house. For over two decades, we have been honored to produce hundreds of great celebrations that define a generation of love stories. Our main office is based in Birmingham, Alabama but we are constantly globe-trotting worldwide to execute thoughtful multi-day celebrations with precision. Our heart-centered approach to client service is underscored by our dedication to creative excellence. As a premiere production and design house, we thrive on bringing celebrations to life, flawlessly between building large-scale celebrations in remote destinations around the world, as well as transforming private homes with the utmost of care. We take profound pride in the responsibility of a wedding day, evident through the quality and caliber of events we produce - no matter the destination, scale or complexity.
Much like an architectural firm, our company is comprised of a multitude of skilled professionals all contributing to the greater success of our events. We have distinct roles that complement one another, and together we build the mosaic that is your wedding celebration.

A Mariee Ami wedding feels special; from each design choice to the logistical foundation - every element is crafted with thoughtfulness and underscored by unparalleled skill.


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