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MiaDonna∆ was founded by Anna-Mieke; diamond consumer, mother, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. When Anna-Mieke learned the truth behind her own earth-mined diamond, she became passionate about findingÜa conflict free option and soon realized that the only true conflict free diamond was man-made. ÜAnna-Mieke knew there was a better way and that she wasn't the only one in search of a beautiful, ethical and affordable diamond alternative. As a result, MiaDonna & Co. was born (named after her daughter Mia and mother Donna). Since 2007, MiaDonna customers have helped The Greener Diamond fund agricultural farms in Sierra Leone and Liberia, where child soldiers are supported to grow food instead of mining for diamonds. Our mission is to create the highest quality and most beautiful, eco-friendly fine jewelry available, providing consumers an affordable diamond alternative while helping repair the lives and land damaged by the unethical conflict diamond industry. Our vision is to create a Greener Diamond culture by being the world leader in modern day, ethically produced fine jewelry. MiaDonna offers FREE SHIPPING on all USA orders, a 15-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, Lifetime Guarantee, and Complimentary Insurance.


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