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A virtual DJ solution that is simple, social and personal for an unforgettable wedding reception at only a fraction of the cost! Mixteka is so much more than a playlist - to begin with, it is social - users invite their friends and guests to recommend music and even share why the songs are important. Mixteka lets Brides & Grooms, or Brides & Brides, or Grooms & Grooms easily create a music plan for all the crazy special parts of the wedding - from the cocktail hour to the money dance to the cake cutting and final dance - users can use the recommended songs - our suggestions or the songs they love to put it all together. And what is totally cool is that it comes with optional pre-recorded Emcee announcements. Then, the week of your wedding- we send you a device with your music plan - to play offline with DJ mixes - everything the way it's expected and with no chance of hearing the Chicken dance! At only a fraction of the cost of a typical DJ, Mixteka fits the bill for many people who are looking for alternatives for their wedding entertainment. Follow Mixteka @mixtekamusic.


Denver, Colorado
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