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It's nice to meet you. . . my name is Molly. I take photos and tell stories. I am in the midst of a twelve-year love affair with my sweet beagle, Lucy Jane. I drink too much fountain coke. I have a serious obsession with my iPhone. I haven't really settled on a hair color. I like wine, rain boots and This American Life, but not necessarily all three at once. I firmly believe that all condiments should come on the sideÛalways. But most importantly, I like to make photographs and tell stories. I love the moment when the groom first sees his bride. I love when a bride is twirled on the dance floor. And in the end, it's all about the laughter. This is me. These are my photos. These are your stories. I think you'll find that I tell some pretty good ones. Your wedding will be extraordinary. Your photos should be, too.


Indianapolis, Indiana
Cincinnati, Ohio

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