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I married my dark-haired love and we started traveling. We ate our way through the places and foods we crave- the strawberry Nutella turnovers of Seattle, the taco truck tacos of LA, and Italian seafood of San Francisco. Exploring the Utah National Parks, we hiked everyday and I used a little dinky camera to document our adventures. Jumping off the Mainland, we landed in Hawaii. Even after falling out of a coconut tree (don't ask), we enjoyed Korean BBQ on the beach daily. Leaving our cheap hotel in the morning, we'd watch the sun rise with iced coffee and camera in hand. In between hiking through jade-green jungle and snorkeling with man-sized tortoises, I realized that the exploration of life with my love is what matters most to me. And, that documenting it for adventure seeking couples (like you!) would be my life's work. Connecting with couples in love, who also love to explore this beautiful earth, has been a dream. As I've swapped stories with kindred couples over childhoods spent outside, I've been reminded that my purpose is to honor that skinned-knee child who grew up to be a lover and true adventurer. One day, these engagement and wedding photographs will be in the hands of future children who are living their own skinned-knee stories. They'll see the love you share and feel a connection to the adventurer they see in you, inspiring them to get out and explore the world they love. They'll see you waist deep in a beautiful lake with water droplets falling from your eyelashes, held in the embrace of your lover. They'll see the way you laugh and try to kiss through the laughter, splashing the water around you. They'll see you in your stunning dress and suit at the top of a ridge with the golden sun setting in the distance. They'll trace the laugh lines on your faces where you dared each other to a tickle war along a hiking trail. From the Golden Coast of California, forests of Oregon, to the mountainous regions of Idaho, adventuring with wild-at-heart couples is my passion. We'll jump in lakes, skip rocks over rivers, and hike upwards to catch the sunset. Mixing fine art with the great outdoors, we'll create gorgeous imagery and killer stories to tell around the dinner table. . . and to pass on to future generations. Pick your adventure, lovers. I'll bring the camera.


Boise, Idaho

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