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Hi, I am Sebastien. I am a French photographer based in the Sacramento area of Northern California, perfectly located between some of the most amazing mountains, coastline and wine country in the world. First of all, thank you for taking the time to check out my work. If you're here, it likely means that you or someone you love is planning to get married soon - congratulations! This is a very unique time in your life and I'm sure you are doing your best to make it unforgettable. After all, your wedding is a celebration of love surrounded by the people who support you the most. As a photographer with over 10 years of experience, I decided to focus on weddings because they touch me personally in a way that no other photography does. My photojournalistic and candid style of shooting helps capture the true connection and happiness that will make your big day so memorable. With my social but discreet personality, I do my best to put you and your loved ones at ease throughout the whole process of choosing a photographer to the delivery of the photos and beyond. This isn't just a one-day process for me, and if you choose to work with me, I really want us to work together to capture the uniqueness of your day. I value creativity, nature, style and originality and I believe these values come across in my images. Last but not least, traveling is hugely important to my personal and professional life. I never miss an opportunity to go somewhere amazing.


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