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Planning a wedding is a process unlike any other. Every decision is sewn to meaning and emotion. Think of us as your ultimate advocate, your personal wedding concierge, delivering the utmost in design, logistic and etiquette excellence. Shi Shi Events is an award-winning, nationally recognized team of passionate creatives driven by three essential philosophies; quality over quantity, creation over imitation and authenticity is beautiful. We accept a limited number of clients each year to ensure each wedding celebration is given the time, devotion and support needed to achieve the inventive timelessness for which a Shi Shi wedding is known. Meticulous attention to detail, a proactive meeting of our couples' needs, and the infusion of luxury stand at the forefront of our process as we build your wedding directly from your story and the sensibilities that are completely and wonderfully you. Every element should fit like a glove. It's all about intentional design in creating a wedding day that is an unrepeatable experience, one that is singular and authentically yours. There simply isn't anything more beautiful. Our aesthetic voice is based in a deep understanding of color and composition and draws inspiration from our travels, the pursuit of the exquisite, and a committed love of the arts. Cleveland, Ohio is home. Destinations worldwide are welcomed.


Cleveland, Ohio
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