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Britt is an analog photographer specializing in stylish editorial & photojournalistic wedding narratives. Her regularly published and award winning photography mingles traditional sensibilities with modern aesthetics to achieve the high standard of work her discerning international and domestic clients have come to expect.

A word from the photographer:

A wedding has always held a special allure for me. Before I decided to move into my own as a photographer, I studied Drawing at Painting and began performing live impressionistic paintings at weddings. Although I enjoyed this very much, I never felt that painting allowed me to tell the complete narrative I saw unfold before me. My husband, the very talented and charming Peter Chudleigh, is a photographer and managed to get one of his beautiful cameras into my hands. And that was that. I was truly smitten. I had finally found a medium that helped me tell stories the way I'd always wanted them told. Because of my background in the very tangible act of putting paint to paper I was very drawn to film photography and quickly discovered that the aesthetic qualities of film had me swooning. The creamy, yet vibrant tones of a color negative, the depth and moodiness of black and white, the way the human psyche subconsciously responds to organic patterns of film grain.....these factors and so many more contributed to my falling madly in love with analog photography. When combined with my reverence for the union of two people, two families and every enchanting detail that follows, magic happens.

I find that a wedding has so many elements that lend themselves to an amazing collection of photographs........human connectedness, style & decor, formal portraiture, reportage, laughter, tears, anticipation, celebration.....I can't imagine a stronger candidate for a story that will live on. And it's important to me that this story does live on. Wedding photographs should not only be relevant and beautiful now, they should remain just as significant and stylish in the many years to come. To ensure this standard I rely upon my decade of experience and stray from trends, always leaning toward the consistent beating of my heart, the passion that keeps my work and your photos full of life and always reflecting the high qualities of your wedding. I absolutely adore my work and clients and have felt such honor in being part of their days and their lives. What a pleasure it is to deliver memories harnessed in my lens. I cherish every single one of them.

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