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What should you know about me? First of all, I’ll come right out with it- I’m an awesome wedding planner. If you want creative and organized, that’s me. I will tell you the truth, whether it’s pretty or not. I am talkative, sarcastic, sensitive and friendly. BUT, these are not the only things you should know about me. I am a total Virgo and a native Texan. I met my husband Scott in college at Texas Tech University and I’m a huge college football fan. We have two wonderful kids, Ella and Wes but our dogs Buddy and Sissy were our first kids. They might be the best dogs ever. We also have two cats and depending on the day, a fish and/or a hamster.

So how did I get started in event planning? It kind of fell into my lap during college where I worked for a very small event planner in Texas. Right Brain and Left Brain collided, and ever since then, I’ve loved it! Enter friends who wanted help with their weddings, add their friends who were getting married, and ta da! A career was born. This sounds crazy, but I love creating itineraries and getting into the nitty gritty of events…at the risk of sounding like a dork, it makes my heart sing.

Here’s the part about event planning that few wedding planners are willing to share with you but I believe you need to hear to really know who I am:

I LOVE to sketch ideas for my clients and none of these sketches will be based on anything found on Pinterest (gasp- blasphemy!). I love Pinterest but I don’t want to re-create something we’ve already seen. And I will NEVER show you Pinterest boards of work that isn’t mine. Integrity is something I believe in to my core and I want you to know that I will never mis-represent myself or my work to impress/get a client.

I have won many awards and I am really proud of those awards. They mean something to me, and ultimately to my clients, because the awards I’ve won were voted on by fellow vendors and clients of mine. Not mass/blind/purchased votes but actual people who had choices and they chose me. To be honored by those who have worked with me over the years is an amazing feeling.

But beyond the self-satisfaction of a wedding done well or shiny accolades, my proudest moment is at the end of the evening when I see your face light up and you give me a giant sweaty hug on the dance floor with a glass of champagne in your hand, surrounded by your best friends and spouse and you whisper/shout “This was the best day ever!!!!!” I hobble away with my very sore feet and a gigantic smile. It’s all worth it. Every single time, it’s worth it.

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