Chapel Hill Wedding Venue

The Parlour at Manns Chapel

175 Poythress Road, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516
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About The Parlour at Manns Chapel

175 Poythress Road, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516

The Parlour is the only venue created for the refined, intimate event experience. If you don't believe in obligatory invites, and you value knowing everyone at the table- we're with you. If you prefer styled, more creative details over an "audience," then celebrate small with us at The Parlour, where "small" means well-curated, discerning, and the mark of meaningfulness.

With a reimagined chapel, Euro-inspired courtyard, and beautifully landscaped grounds, this dream setting's capacity is 100 guests or less. The thoughtful guest list allows you to focus on a highly put-together experience, filling your day with personal touches that leave you and your guests feeling valued and inspired. If this sounds like the perfect way to begin your new life together, we are so glad you're here.

About The Chapel

Established in 1887 and later decommissioned in 1985, this charming chapel still holds a soft spot in the hearts of the surrounding community where it sits like a beacon on the hill. Formally a functioning Methodist church, the structure was abandoned but not forgotten. Some saw the chapel as "too far gone" but we celebrated restoring this old building like saving an old friend. 

With over 2600 square feet of beautifully lit and restored space, the interior features stained glass windows and pine floors original to the chapel. Tall ceilings, period-inspired chandeliers, and Carrara marble floors grace the room while the original Manns Chapel sign hangs as a special nod to the past. The pastor's offices and Sunday school rooms now serve as beautifully restored dressing rooms. Outside, a newly designed garden courtyard and cocktail patio sit under market lights and are lovely open-air or tented for dinners and ceremonies. A natural woodland area and wildflower garden now make for the perfect photo setting.

Love Big, Love All

At The Parlour, we bring people together- around the table, around ideas, around creativity. Here, we celebrate love, community, diversity, and supreme acts of kindness. We believe that the best kind of love is the one that is authentic, vulnerable, non-judgmental, and most of all, SHARED. We believe you should love who you love- as long as you do so BIG and with an open heart. We founded this business on connectedness, and like our sign on the front door says, "May all who enter as guests, leave as friends." Because to us, love big means love all. So, welcome... to The Parlour.


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