Escort card displays: cocktails sip and be seated

12 Cocktail Escort Card Displays

Wedding Drink Escort Cards Are Trending
BY ALLIX COTT / 01 27 21
Photo by Erin McCall Photography

After vows are exchanged, it’s time to raise a toast! As guests figure out their seating arrangements, there’s no better way to tell them than with cocktail escort card displays. From a glass of bubbly to a shot of tequila, invite guests to sip and be seated with this twist on traditional escort card displays. 

With just one look at these chic, thirst-quenching escort card displays, you’ll understand why more and more couples are opting to upgrade to more interactive escort card options. 

Cocktail escort card displays achieve the delicate balance of being functional, on-trend, and tasty. Not only do these innovative escort card displays help guests find their way to their designated table, but they also provide an opportunity for guests to taste your wedding cocktail or other delicious wedding drinks you’ve curated. 

Whether you’re looking for wedding place cards ideas or escort card displays that complement your wedding theme and offer guests an unforgettable experience, wedding drinks escort cards check all the boxes. Don’t be surprised if you see your Instagram-savvy guests snapping pictures of the escort card display, too—this arrangement is too photogenic to resist!

Putting together all the pieces of your big day can feel overwhelming, which is why we always love seeking inspiration from real couples and seeing how they brought their wedding theme, aesthetic, and color palette to life. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite cocktail escort card displays for your viewing enjoyment. The best part? If you’ve found the wedding drinks escort card display of your dreams, you can click through and find the vendor who made it happen. We’ll toast to that!

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Lauren Dobish
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Meghan Mehan

Bubbly Beginnings

Why We Love It

LEFT: A sturdy wooden backing created a leveled line-up of carefully placed champagne flutes, a display that was both secure and sophisticated. RIGHT: A framed sign atop a shelved display of glasses embraced a visual display that was both elegant and informative. 

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Laura Murray
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Shannon Skloss

Mexican Flavors

Why We Love It

LEFT: This festive couple opted for a mini alternative to the traditional champagne display with whimsical tequila bottles and bespoke monograms. RIGHT: Ideal for sober attendees, a favorite Mexican sparkling water served as a refreshing substitute to a traditional cocktail seating chart. 

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Erin McCall
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Mirelle Carmichael

Garden Walls

Why We Love It

LEFT: This particular design is an ideal complement to an outdoor affair or garden party fête, doubling as a photo-worthy wall for guests to snap a pic. RIGHT: Sticking to a day-of color-pairing of white and green, this escort card display blended all-white blooms with lush greenery for a classic and cohesive design aesthetic.

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Michael Radford
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Abby Grace Photography

Big Shots

Why We Love It

LEFT: Colorful shots in petite vessels created both a playful and bold nod for this formal affair. RIGHT: Calligraphy took center stage thanks to this thoughtful pink salt shot glass arrangement that featured guests’ names on each mini vessel (and their table number on each lime)!

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Jordan Voth
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Asher Gardener

Detailed Tag Designs

Why We Love It

LEFT: The paper details—like a printed flag embellished with each guest's name and table assignment—adorned each glass, adding detail and personalization. RIGHT: The couple’s hand-illustrated motif was featured on each custom card, tying in their bespoke design from stationery to seating chart.

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Kindred Wedding Storytellers
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The Grovers


Why We Love It

LEFT: Glowy candles sat behind rows of tabletop champagne flutes, creating both a glow and an undeniable romantic aesthetic. RIGHT: A seasonal idea (or for those hosting a destination fete), this couple traded champagne for rosé as a colorful ode to the season and their warm-weather location.