LGBTQ weddings: LGBTQ wedding couple holding hands walking down the street in front of a popup florist shop
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Our Favorite LGBTQ+ Weddings

The Chicest Same-Sex Weddings We've Ever Seen
BY C&C EDITORS / 06 09 21
Photo by Tatiana Katkova

Love is in the air, and these beautiful, ornate LGBTQ+ weddings prove it. Whether you are looking for ideas for your ceremony, reception, or both, there are countless ways to celebrate the unbreakable connection that you and your partner share. 

While planning your LGBTQ+ wedding, you might be looking for suggestions of how other couples made their special day unique and memorable. Coordinating after-party outfits, intimate family portraits, and honoring heritage are just a few of the ways these couples made their wedding days even more special.

To give you all the inspiration you need, we’ve rounded up a collection of some of our favorite LGBTQ+ weddings where you can really feel the love. Whether you’re planning a small, intimate wedding ceremony with just your immediate family and friends, or you’re having a full-on party with hundreds of your favorite people, there are plenty of ways to celebrate your relationship and make your ceremony unique.  

Look through these gorgeous LGBTQ+ weddings for ideas from chic bridal jumpsuits, to some truly fabulous groom get-ups, and vibrant red-and-pink floral design to tossing post-ceremony petals in a field, we love the way these couples made their celebrations truly their own. But one constant that you’ll see reflected throughout every LGBTQ+ wedding here? JOY!

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An Intimate Wedding for Megan and Cris
Alyssa Fisher
LGBTQ weddings: See more from Dean and Nicholas' LGBTQ wedding
An Outdoor Wedding for Dean and Nicholas
LGBTQ weddings: See more from Pedro and Rodrigo's LGBTQ wedding
A Formal Wedding for Pedro and Rodrigo
Greg Finck
LGBTQ weddings: See more from Marissa and Storm's LGBTQ wedding
An Indoor Wedding for Marisa and Storm
Heather Waraksa
LGBTQ weddings: See more from Fernando and Kevin's LGBTQ wedding
A Formal Wedding for Fernando and Kevin
Lance Nicoll Photography
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An Intimate Elopement for Aveena & Alissa
Carlyjayne Photography
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A Formal Wedding for Jaiden and Christopher
Kendrick Terrell
LGBTQ weddings: See more from Kara and Stacy's LGBTQ wedding
A Classic Wedding for Kara and Stacy
Meg Messina
LGBTQ weddings: See more from Lorraine and Fiona's LGBTQ wedding
A Classic Wedding for Lorraine and Fiona
Dmitri & Sandra
LGBTQ weddings: See more from Estelle and Jessica's LGBTQ wedding
A Formal Wedding for Estelle and Jessica
LGBTQ weddings: See more from Brian and Oscar's LGBTQ wedding
An Industrial Wedding for Brian and Oscar
Josh Morehouse
LGBTQ weddings: See more from Liz and Molly's LGBTQ wedding
A Vintage Wedding for Liz and Molly
Whiskers & Willow Photography
LGBTQ weddings: See more from Brad and Michael's LGBTQ wedding
A Formal Wedding for Brad and Michael
Michelle Beller
LGBTQ weddings: See more from My Yen and Grace's LGBTQ wedding
A Mountain Wedding for My Yen and Gracie
Luna de Mare