Teissia and Todd's snowy winter wedding ceremony

Teissia and Todd's Dream Wedding Vendor Team

Park City, Utah
BY SHIRA SAVADA / 12 29 21

Every wedding vendor team is created a little differently. In this series we explore how and why each couple selected the right wedding vendor team for their big day.

For a couple that got engaged in the middle of a blizzard while on a hiking trip with friends through Canada, a traditional ballroom wedding was never in the cards. With adventure being a cornerstone of their relationship, their big day had to reflect that.

Decision 1

Wedding Venue & Caterer

A little over a month from the momentous event on the mountain, Teissia and Todd started looking for wedding venues. They weren’t in a rush, but they knew they wanted a destination wedding and got a jump start on finding the ultimate venue. Plus, the bride is a wedding planner and knew that even though their wedding might be simple in style, it was still going to take a lot to pull it all together.

Of course their scouting trips evolved into adventurous vacations too—think snowboarding in Mammoth and hiking in Big Sur. On their trip to Park City, Utah, (which they love for its epic terrain, charming downtown, and proximity to the airport) they went mountain biking, and they also made their first move by choosing the venue for their early February 2020 wedding: The Lodge at Blue Sky.

“We live in Laguna Beach, California, and our friends and family came from all over the country. We love winter and we love snowboarding so we thought it would be fun to share some snowy adventures with our friends and family. The Lodge at Blue Sky also has a lovely indoor/outdoor location that would enable us to have an outdoor ceremony (with an indoor cold/blizzard plan) and then quickly get our guests inside for some warm beverages. The best part about The Lodge at Blue Sky though was the fact that a portion of the money we spent on our wedding would also go to Saving Gracie Foundation, a non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary that shares the property that The Lodge is on. Our reception venue was one of the old horse barns and some of the rescue horses can be seen in the background of our ceremony video. We’re huge lovers of animals so this was such a wonderful part of hosting our wedding at The Lodge at Blue Sky.” —Teissia, bride

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Tec Petaja
Decision 2

Wedding Florist

As soon as they decided on The Lodge at Blue Sky, Teissia knew that Ashley Beyer from Tinge Floral would be their florist. She had worked with her on many weddings in a variety of destinations, so when they settled on a locale in Ashley’s home state of Utah it was a no-brainer.

“Ashley is the kindest, most down-to-earth human and her work is unparalleled. She created beautiful floral arrangements that ran down each side of the aisle as well as a simple, modern, and angular ‘arch’ asymmetrically adorned with florals that acted as the backdrop to the ceremony along with snow-covered rolling hills and some horses. And I literally started crying when she brought me my bouquet. ” —Teissia, bride

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Tec Petaja
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Tec Petaja
Decision 3

Wedding Stationer

Next, the couple reached out to their friends at Bliss & Bone to do their stationery. Their modern simplicity was an aesthetic match made in heaven. A mountain-inspired logo was created with the couple’s shared first initial, and it was used to brand the event. It graced all of their paper pieces—from the topographical map of where the ceremony took place to the back of their invitations—and it was the perfect accent for their otherwise quite minimal designs. Black cord and vellum, letterpress tags that said, “Adventure with us,” and tiger postage stamps that benefited conservation projects around the world added additional texture and personality.

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Tec Petaja
Decision 4

Wedding Photographer

Then it was time to hire a photographer. This was a hard decision for the couple, but there was one photographer that had always been on Teissia’s “must hire” list that she shared with the couples she guided and that was Tec Petaja. It was only fitting that she hired him for her own wedding.

“Todd and I are both a little awkward in front of the camera so we knew we needed someone that would make us feel super comfortable while also getting beautiful shots and Tec did just that.” —Teissia, bride

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Tec Petaja
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Tec Petaja
Decision 5

Wedding Music

The bride and groom considered hiring a full band to play their reception, but concluded that a DJ/band hybrid option from Dart Collective (a company in California) was a bit more unexpected and fun. The group consisted of a DJ and three horn players, and they had everyone on the dance floor all night long.

Decision 6

Wedding Coordinator

The next order of business was a big one. Teissia knew she wanted to fully enjoy herself on the big day. She needed someone to manage the event. She tapped Michelle Leo of Michelle Leo Events, and then relaxed knowing that everything would be handled.

“After being a wedding planner for 12+ years Todd and I were both worried that it would be nearly impossible for me to just let go. Thanks to Mackenzie Coburn from Michelle Leo Events and her team that was not the case. I was fully able to detach from the details all weekend and just focus on Todd and our friends and family. It was magical!” —Teissia, bride

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Tec Petaja
Decision 7

Wedding Stylist, Videographer, Hair & Makeup, and Furniture

Teissia and Todd then asked her friends and his cousins to officiate, started adding personal touches and cozy accents to their day (like handmade blankets to keep everyone warm during their outdoor ceremony in the dead of winter), and then brought on stylist Lauren Brady to work with Tec to craft beautiful images showcasing the myriad of details. They then continue to build their vendor team by choosing videographer Love Brain Films, hair and makeup artists from Lesley Lind Makeup Atelier that were referred by both their venue and their coordinator to pull of the bride’s natural look, and Tavolo Rental, a furniture rental company that worked with Teissia to find some new pieces to include in the cozy, modern celebration.

“I’ve worked with Love Brain many times over the years and love the work that they do. A mix of fun and sentimental was key for us with our videos and they nailed that!” —Teissia, bride

Tec Petaja
Tec Petaja
Tec Petaja
Decision 8

Wedding Tabletop Rentals & Photobooth

Two final decisions were made: working with Borrowed Blu, a rental company that allowed them to set the tables in style, and Smilebooth, a photobooth for some additional reception fun.

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Tec Petaja
A Mountain Wedding for Teissia and Todd