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Alpaca Events is not just another type of wedding photography service, NOPE! We are those who become an essential part of your event, and if be honest most of our clients become our friends, and we want you to become our next friend. Weddings and photoshoots takes a lot of time to prepare, and we are going to be with you at each step of this wonderful journey.

I’m Artem Kemenyash (your photographer) began my photography journey back in 2012 under the name Kemenyash Photography. In 2016 I began shooting my first weddings, and since then I attended more than 50 weddings as a photographer in cities such as New York, Miami, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Boston! Since 2019 I’m shooting weddings together with my beautiful wife Sasha Kemenyash, and we work together as a husband-wife photographer team and focusing on making your wedding photography stress-free.

At Alpaca Event we use only the best-in-class photography equipment. We are professional photographers and we use professional-grade equipment to make sure that you get the best images possible. We use full-frame Canon cameras and top-quality lenses. Also, we bring with us lighting equipment such as strobes, speedlights, off-camera flashes, softboxes, and umbrellas. While we are focusing on the candid and photojournalistic look of your images, in dark venues we like to use flashes, to make sure that your images look stunning.

We don’t want to lose your images and we use cameras with double slots for memory cards, so your images always get backed up. Also, after your photoshoot, we make a backup of all images to 2 disks and upload the copy to the cloud. So, your images are staying in a safe place.

All of our equipment is insured and we do also have general liability insurance. There is a big chance that your wedding venue will require this insurance, so no worries, we got it!

Working with us you get premium customer service support. We will answer all of your questions in a timely maner by e-mail, phone or text. You don’t need to wait days for our replies, we usually reply in less than 10 minutes during our business hours. We help with choosing a photoshoot location and will answer all of your photography-related questions.


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