Miami Wedding Venues

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Miami Wedding Venues:

Everything You Need to Know 

White sand beaches… Turquoise waters… Spicy nightlife… Latin flair… These are the things that make the tropical city of Miami one of the hottest travel destinations in the US—and an even hotter wedding destination. Miami wedding venues have it all, from rooftops, to garden settings, to, of course, waterfront locations. Start planning your dream wedding at a breathtaking Miami wedding venue. 

The Best Month for Miami Weddings

Generally the most popular wedding months are June and August, but the best time to visit Miami is between March and May, which is outside the “official” wedding season. So when it comes to picking a wedding date, you may have less overlap with other brides in your friend group, but more local competition at popular Florida wedding venues during peak months. Depending on the season, finding indoor or outdoor wedding venues in Miami can take some effort, but that’s why we’re here to help! If you’re strategic about it, you can beat the crowds and have your pick of sought-after Miami wedding venues.

The Types of Miami Wedding Venues 

Since you’ll be right next to the ocean, the first type of venue you may think of is a Miami beach wedding, but there are tons of additional gorgeous options. From Miami mansion weddings to rooftop hotels, ballrooms, gardens, museums, country clubs, and art galleries, the options run the gamut. And you don’t have to choose just one! You may choose a religious venue for your ceremony, or you can pick one location for the ceremony, then transport your guests to one of the other amazing Miami wedding reception venues after.

A Miami Hotel Wedding

If you don’t want to travel too far from the ceremony to reception, consider a Miami hotel wedding. From well-established national chains like the St. Regis, to independent boutique hotels like The Betsy, to national landmarks like The Biltmore, these venues have multiple entertaining spaces so your guests can move seamlessly from event to event throughout the night. In some cases, your Miami wedding venue will allow for a seamless integration of the party—such as starting with a waterfront wedding followed by a beachside after-party. Plus your guests have the added convenience of being able to stay at the venue for a Miami hotel wedding, and you can often negotiate hotel room blocks as part of your event discussions as well. Frequently, hotel staff will handle all aspects of Miami wedding receptions, including catering, flowers, and a day-of event coordinator, so you get an all-inclusive experience that makes your life easier. This kind of all-in-one arrangement can also make Miami wedding venue costs more approachable (since you don’t have to worry about transporting guests, multiple location fees, etc.), and adds value that you might not have expected.

A Miami Ballroom Wedding

For particularly large Miami wedding receptions—meaning more than 300 guests—you may find that a ballroom or banquet hall is your best bet. Some brides choose to make their Miami wedding receptions open to anyone and everyone, while the wedding ceremony is exclusively for close friends and family, or vice versa. Depending on the location, you’ll find venues with the capacity to seat anywhere from 20 to 1,000 guests, so you may be able to achieve an intimate wedding ceremony and a large-scale reception at the same Miami wedding venues. Indoor wedding venues in Miami also mean you don’t have to worry about spontaneous tropical storms!

A Miami Mansion or Country Club Wedding

With the city’s historic architecture and landmarks being one of the major draws, it’s no surprise that many of them make for the best wedding venues in Miami, and an idyllic spot for an unforgettable garden wedding. Many of these venues can accommodate both indoor weddings in Miami or outdoor weddings in Miami, or a combination of both. Some include adjacent wedding reception venues in Miami or the surrounding area, if not within the same facility. And while sometimes a mansion or country club Miami wedding venue may have their own caterer, you may have more flexibility to bring in your favorite catering company and other wedding vendors than you would with a more all-inclusive hotel setup. Each of these Miami wedding venues has a unique character and ambiance that will come through in your wedding photos and make the day that much more memorable.

The Cost of Miami Wedding Venues

You may be wondering, what does the average Miami wedding venue cost? The most important thing to note is that there is a huge range. You might assume that, in such a glamorous city, Miami wedding venue costs would be among the highest, but a national survey shows that Miami actually ranks 235th out of 933 Metropolitan Areas in average wedding cost. So while the city is absolutely a destination for high-end luxury wedding venues, there are ways to make it work for a range of budgets.

For those who have their hearts set on extravagant Miami mansion weddings, but are challenged by the expense, consider thinking outside the box a little. You’ll likely find that an off-season party will be less expensive at most Florida wedding venues—plus the beaches are less crowded. Granted, you need to be mindful of the weather, but booking in the shoulder season can get you a fantastic Miami wedding venue at a lower cost.

You also don’t have to have a 500-person wedding. Each and every guest contributes to the overall cost of a Miami wedding, where the average price per guest is approximately $241. Many Miami weddings are intimate, small-scale events that are equally special and beautiful.

Although the venue isn’t the only wedding expense, it can be one of the largest. Overall, real Miami weddings cost an average of $33,401, but of course many couples end up spending significantly more or significantly less than that, depending on their choices.

The Experts: Miami Wedding Planners

While you might have initially thought of foregoing the cost of the wedding planner, they can actually be invaluable. Not only will the best Miami wedding planner be able to recommend fantastic local vendors in every category, he or she will also ensure that everything runs smoothly from set-up to sundown on your wedding day—because you certainly won’t have time to!

Especially if you aren’t local to the area, wedding planners have industry ties with wedding reception venues in Miami, and can recommend a range of options to fit your style and budget. They can help you find Miami wedding reception venues that are beautiful and have local appeal. And they will make sure that whatever Miami wedding venue you choose has a plan for inclement weather! A waterfront wedding in Miami also presents logistical challenges—whether it be high tides, or choppy seas— that your wedding planner will be able to help you navigate. They can suggest local photographers and introduce you to unusual Miami wedding bands. They can visit local caterers for tastings on your behalf, and try out Miami wedding cakes if you can’t be there in person.

Your wedding planner will design an overall aesthetic that achieves your vision, and will work with Miami wedding florists to bring it to life with local blossoms like bougainvillea for a bright pop of color that’s as vibrant as the city.  The best Miami wedding planner will ensure that every aspect of your wedding design is cohesive, and you leave a lasting impression on your guests from invitations to party favors.

The Inspiration: Real Miami Weddings

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but we think the best place to start is by looking at beautiful real weddings from other couples who’ve gotten married in the area. Not only will you get endless ideas, it’s a great resource for discovering local Miami wedding vendors—like florists, wedding planners, and DJ’s—and, of course, the perfect Miami wedding venue, which will be the biggest factor in setting the tone for your big day. With so many different design styles and settings, it’s interesting to see the variety of Miami wedding dresses that brides choose for their events, and then see how that fits with your style. If you’re trying to decide between outdoor or indoor wedding venues in Miami, or being right in the center of the action versus somewhat off the beaten path, seeing each wedding venue come to life in photos of real Miami weddings will be the biggest help.

The Unique Culture of Miami

What makes Miami one of the most unique cities in the United States is the pervasive influence of Latin American culture, particularly Cuban-American (in addition to Venezeualian, Brazilian, and the many other immigrant communities from Central and South America). The U.S. Census bureau reported that about 35% of the population of Miami was of Cuban origin, and approximately 40% of residents are Spanish-dominant speakers. When the 1960s saw a massive influx of over 500,000 Cubans to the city, the area west of downtown Miami became known as “Little Havana” or “Calle Ocho”. This makes Miami a melting pot of vibrant foods, art, music and people.

Many real weddings in Miami embrace the culture of the area and integrate it into the design, events, food and beverages throughout the event. Miami wedding photographers can take you around the city and integrate the vibrant backdrop of Little Havana into your wedding photos. Or you can find a great Miami wedding reception venue in this area that highlights the Cuban-American culture.
There are other ways to integrate the uniqueness of the area into Miami wedding receptions. You can work with local florists to integrate the State flower, the orange blossom, into your groomsmen’s boutonnieres. This will give this delicious scent an emotional connotation that will stay with you forever, much like how many brides choose a special fragrance for the day.

The Historic Architecture of Miami

Another iconic element of many Miami wedding venues is the presence of Art Deco architecture and décor. The city has its own Art Deco Historic District, which is made up of 800+ unique buildings built between 1923 and 1943—many of which make for gorgeous historic Miami wedding venues. And there are plenty of local musicians and DJs who can give your festivities a 20s, 30s, big band, or jazzy backdrop to match the setting. Miami wedding DJs are among the best in the country. We love Art Deco as a wedding theme—think The Great Gatsby and flapper style—and there are plenty of top Miami hair and makeup artists who can help you achieve the look. Many of these historic buildings could be an amazing Miami wedding venue.

The Neighborhoods of Miami

The neighborhoods in Miami are as diverse as the city’s culture and people. We’ve already talked about Little Havana (aka Calle Ocho), and the Art Deco Historic District, but that’s just the beginning. You’ll find that the best wedding venues in Miami are in spread out across the city, from Bal Harbour to South Beach to Key Biscayne, which means you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a venue you love in your favorite neighborhood. If you’re planning a weekend full of wedding events, we recommend choosing a variety of neighborhoods to give your guests a taste of the different flavors of the city. Here are some of our favorite neighborhoods with great Miami wedding venues:

South Beach

This is the area that immediately comes to mind when you think of Miami. Inclusive of the Art Deco Historic District and the fancy shops of Collins Avenue and Lincoln Road, this waterfront neighborhood is full of hotels, bars, and some of the best nightlife in the country. No doubt, the perfect area for an epic after-party.


Officially the city’s financial district, this area is full of towering condos, mega shopping malls, and brand new hotels—which are great options for a Miami wedding venue. Some of the best restaurants in Miami and rooftop bars can also be found in this neighborhood, so you’ll have tons of options for your rehearsal dinner.

Little Havana

We’ve already talked about how special this neighborhood is, but that’s because we love the idea of integrating the Cuban-American culture into your Miami wedding venues. Maybe you kick off your wedding weekend with a welcome party at one of the neighborhood’s authentic Cuban restaurants, or serve a mojito as your signature cocktail. However you choose, the Cuban culture is so integral to the city that it’s a must to include in some way.


The annual Art Basel Miami festival has made the city a world-renowned destination for all things art and design, with the trendy district of Wynwood as the heart of it. Colorful, Instagrammable murals, sculptures, galleries and museums are all within steps of the ocean, which are wonderful spots for Miami wedding receptions. All of these spots are places that Miami wedding photographers love incorporating into bridal photo shoots.

Coconut Grove

One of the oldest parts of the city, this charming neighborhood has a Bohemian vibe and eclectic architecture. From an estate-turned-museum to the only tropical botanical garden in the continental US, a lot of engaged couples don’t immediately think of this neighborhood, but it has some of the best wedding venues in Miami. 

Coral Gables 

Originally founded in 1925 as one of the US’s first planned communities, this picturesque neighborhood is home to countless terracotta-roofed houses, boutique hotels, as well as a number of consulates and trade offices, and the city’s first art museum.

Key Biscayne

You’ll suddenly feel transported to Caribbean island in the ten minutes it takes to get here from downtown, which makes it a prime spot for a waterfront wedding in Miami. If you’re dreaming of getting married with your feet in the sand, this little island is home to some of the best beaches in the area.

Sunny Isles

The lesser-known prime beach spot, this neighborhood has an equally stunning two-mile strip of sand, but with fewer crowds than others nearby and is an ideal option for a more relaxed, low-key Miami beach wedding.

Bal Harbour

Easily the city’s most cosmopolitan neighborhood—which is quite an accomplishment!—thanks to the throngs of luxury stores at the open-air Bal Harbour Shops. Naturally, some of the most premium high-end resorts and oceanfront Miami wedding venues can be found here.

The Logistics: Getting to Miami

One of the most attractive things about Florida wedding venues is that getting there is extremely easy for both domestic and international travelers. Miami Airport has an international contingent of airlines with direct flights from Canada, Central and South America, major European cities—and even Dubai!—in addition to 68 domestic cities via American Airlines, United Airlines, or Delta. Moreover, there’s convenient ground transportation for anyone traveling from the airport to your chosen Miami wedding venue. Because it is such a great place for a wedding ceremony, some couples decide to have a limo pick up guests and later on transport them to Miami wedding receptions.