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The Perks of Having a Ballroom Wedding

These Iconic Spaces Have a Lot of Bonuses
BY C&C EDITORS / 01 15 20
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A ballroom wedding can be anything you want it to be—whimsical, opulent, elevated, modern. The versatility that a ballroom wedding offers couples is one of the many reasons it’s considered a mainstay wedding venue. Whether your big day is on a blistering day in July or a frigid February evening, ballrooms alleviate many of the concerns that come along with outdoor venue options. Many couples also attribute ballrooms’ additional amenities (think chairs, tables, bathrooms, and more) to the overall success and seamlessness of their weddings.

Selecting the venue for your wedding day is no easy feat, especially considering how important it is to ensure your venue and vendors create the most cohesive event possible. This is yet another reason why ballroom weddings are an excellent option, as a ballroom provides the perfect backdrop for any theme, color palette, or other significant element a couple wants for their big day. 

You might be considering touring a ballroom but aren’t sure it’s the right fit for your wedding day. Or maybe you’re pretty much sure you’d prefer a ballroom wedding, but are curious why other couples leaped to book this space for their big day. There are countless reasons why ballroom weddings offer the ideal setting for the most magical day of your life. Here are just a few fabulous highlights from real ballroom weddings held in these elegant indoor venues.

Endless Possibilities


"There are many pros to hosting in a ballroom. From the ability to decorate floor-to-ceiling to having a full-service team at your fingertips, to being able to host events with guest counts in the double digits." —Anthony Vazquez Photography

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No Need for a Backup Plan

"One of the biggest benefits of getting married in a ballroom is the lack of uncertainty that comes along with an indoor wedding venue. You won’t need to worry about a backup plan or stress about the weather forecast." —A. Dominick Events

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Smooth After-Party Transition

"Ballroom spaces are equipped to handle stages, multiple types of entertainment, and don’t usually come with a noise ordinance, allowing the after-party to effortlessly follow the reception without any worry or need for transportation." —Kehoe Designs

Flexibility to Design Your Dream Day

"Draping walls, uplighting and creating environments with rentals and seating areas (and/or florals) can make an otherwise traditional wedding venue extraordinary." —Mary Dougherty Photography

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High Ceilings Allow for Grand Decor

"When working in a space with dramatic architecture and high-ceilings, like a ballroom, the ability to create towering centerpieces, opulent hanging installations and other showstopping floral elements is endless." —Three Branches Floral

Seamless Embellishments to Existing Decor

"The best way to deal with lighting in a ballroom is to work one-on-one with your florist. By doing so, you are able to create a lighting scheme that incorporates the existing ballroom lighting with some new amazing enhancements." —Four Seasons Hotel Chicago

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The Ability to Get Creative With Your Seating Layout

"The grand layout of a ballroom reception can give you the ability to mix and match seating and table styles to best maximize your space, guest count and design. Play with long tables, circular tables and other unique layout arrangements to optimize the space." —Salamander Resort & Spa

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Every Necessary Wedding Amenity Is Built Right In

"Ballrooms come with everything you need including catering, service staff, bars, restrooms, dance floors, tables and linens, etc. There is less to think about, often fewer vendors to coordinate with and essentially more time to enjoy the process!" —Floressence

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Guaranteed Inclusion of Key Rentals

"Hosting your wedding in a tented or outdoor space can mean the addition of added rentals like bathrooms, a catering kitchen, bringing in electricity, etc., as well as other necessary rentals needed to produce a functioning and comfortable celebration for you and your guests. With a ballroom wedding, all of these necessities are almost always provided when renting out the space." —Rosewood Miramar Beach

Say Goodbye to the Transportation Headache

"With guests given the ability to stay on the property—in their reserved hotel blocks—the need for transportation from event to event can be eliminated. This is a stress-free solution to getting guests from ceremony to reception (or from cocktail hour to reception)." —The Garden City Hotel

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The Benefit of an Adjacent Bridal Suite

"One of my favorite perks of a ballroom wedding is the quick access to the hotel suite, perfect for bridal makeup touch-ups after the first look and just before the reception! This can give you extra time to take photos, get ready or simply enjoy the moment with your bridesmaids pre-ceremony." —Dani Wagener Beauty