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Hi there! I'm so glad you stopped by. I'd love to take you to coffee (I'll order hot chocolate always) and chat about how I might be able to serve you by capturing romantic and joyful moments on your wedding day, creating custom calligraphy details, or photographing your love, family, kids, and more. I love cozying up on the couch with my husband and a warm cookie, reruns of The Office, and our lop-eared bunny rabbit named Murphy. He's grumpy. . . usually. I love cake pops, comfy socks, white minimalist furniture, and anything Sugar Paper LA because let's face it, I'm a big stationery and planner nerd. My heart fills with joy everytime I hear from current, past and future clients and that's exactly what I want to bring you with my work . . . JOY! You can learn more about me here. Don't forget to say hi!


Napa, California
Sonoma, California
San Francisco, California

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