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Napa Wedding Venues:

Everything You Need to Know

You know the Napa Valley as a major wine-growing region in the United States. However, it is also one of the hottest places to get married, whether you live nearby or are planning a destination wedding. Beautiful weather and a stunning setting combine to create a romantic backdrop that is ideal for tying the knot.

Possible wedding venues in Napa Valley include lavish hotels, stunning parks and, of course, vineyards. Sought after Napa wedding venues may also include restaurants and lush olive groves. So, which Napa wedding venues are right for you? Browse our library of Napa weddings to get inspiration and see which venues have hosted some of the best Napa wedding receptions. You’ll also be able to see which local wedding vendors made these Napa weddings the elegant affairs that they were, and get in touch with each of them to start building your vendor team. And in the meantime, check out our guide to wedding venues in Napa Valley to find out more about Napa reception venues, how much your Napa wedding cost may be, and more.

What is the best time of year for a Napa wedding?

Wine country wedding venues are an excellent option year-round. The Mediterranean Napa weather allows you to choose any season, although there are still certain things to know when planning your date. For vineyard weddings during harvest season, plan on a fall wedding. Spring is also a lovely time of year in Napa, and tends to be less tourist-heavy than fall.

If you do not mind the heat, some of the best Napa Valley weddings take place during the summer (however, note that July is when the annual Napa Wine Fest takes place, so venues and accommodations may be hard to come by). Because tourist season ends before winter, you may be able to find more budget-friendly wedding venues in Napa Valley around during these months, especially January and February.

How much does a Napa Valley wedding cost?

The best Napa weddings come at a premium. The expense of wedding venues in Napa Valley will probably be your greatest expense, although it will vary by season. The average cost of Napa weddings is about $82,000. This estimate assumes that you rent a Napa wedding venue in the spring and bring a party of about 250 guests. To compare, the average cost of weddings in California as a whole is just under $30,000, so the Napa Valley wedding cost is significantly more expensive.

Your venue alone can be an estimated $55,100, while florals can be approximately $6,000. Hiring a Napa Valley wedding planner will not only help with many of the responsibilities for your Napa Valley wedding, but they can help you manage your budget more efficiently too.

What are the different types of Napa wedding venues?

When looking at the best Napa wedding venues, you may need to think past the vineyard. Not just because of the high demand, but because of legal reasons, too. Did you know that the Winery Definition Ordinance (WDO), a law enacted back in 1989, prohibits most weddings at Napa Valley vineyards? It narrows down wine country wedding venues to just a few that were established before 1974. Because they are in short supply and can therefore charge a premium, they are among the most expensive wedding venues in Napa Valley.

A few things to consider when looking at Napa Valley wedding venues:

Are you having an indoor or outdoor Napa wedding?

Start your search by determining your preference for indoor or outdoor Napa Valley wedding venues. Once that’s decided, you’ll be able to narrow down which Napa Valley wedding venues will work for your big day.

Will you have multiple Napa wedding venues?

Next, consider if you want the Napa wedding venue where you have your ceremony to host the reception too. If you do, make sure the venue hosts both Napa wedding receptions and ceremonies. If you don’t, make sure to search for Napa wedding venues for both the wedding ceremony and reception, as well as transportation between them.

How many guests are you having for your Napa wedding?

Finally, remember that Napa event venues have capacity guidelines. Aside from wanting enough space, you also don’t want to have a huge event space for a small, intimate wedding.

Here are some of the best wedding venues in Napa to consider:

Napa Vineyard Wedding Venues: 

As previously mentioned, a Napa Valley vineyard wedding is more difficult to plan than you might think. Between the WDO and the competition among the available vineyards, it’s important to get your reservation in as soon as possible. The five vineyards that can host weddings in Napa Valley are:

Napa Olive Grove Wedding Venues: 

These hidden gems are excellent wedding venues in Napa, thanks to their beautiful, natural vistas. They make excellent alternatives to vineyards—and many are adjacent to them, too.

Napa Hotel Wedding Venues:

There are a number of beautiful hotels that make great Napa reception venues, and you may be able to save money if you use the wedding ceremony packages offered. Better yet, by hosting your wedding at the same place your guests are staying, you make it more convenient for your guests.

Napa Ranch Wedding Venues: 

With vineyards stealing the show, some couples don’t realize that private ranches could be the best Napa weddings settings. Many have lodging and additional amenities on the premises as well.

Napa Country Club Wedding Venues: 

Country clubs and golf clubs are commonly used as Napa event venues, and make excellent Napa wedding venues too.

Napa Estate Wedding Venues: 

Napa is home to several large homes and estates, which are luxurious settings that will turn your Napa wedding into a fairytale occasion.

Napa Gardens Wedding Venues: 

Napa’s natural wonders extend to its many parks and gardens, and if you’re planning a spring wedding, you may get lucky and end up having your event when the flowers are in peak season.

Napa Restaurant Wedding Venues: 

Napa is home to some of the country’s best restaurants, including six that have Michelin stars. If you’re planning a small wedding, restaurants can make for some of the best Napa wedding reception venues—and food will be part of your package and a highlight of the event.

Napa Culinary Institute Weddings: 

The Culinary Institute is a scenic location featuring private dining rooms, gardens and balconies, and choosing it as your Napa wedding venue also supports future chefs.

What are the different areas of the Napa Valley? 

As you are exploring prospective wedding venues in Napa, keep in mind which area of the Valley you’d like to get married. St. Helena is the actual center of wine country, with countless Napa Valley wedding venues. It is also where the Culinary Institute is located.

Calistoga, which is home to spas and hot springs, is on the northern end of Napa Valley. Then there’s Yountville, which might be a smaller area, but it is home to the French Laundry, a three-Michelin-Star restaurant from chef Thomas Keller. 

It’s also worth looking at nearby Sonoma County, which is to the west of Napa. Sonoma wedding venues include several wineries and the Sonoma Coast State Park. Although Sonoma wedding venues and weddings in general will cost roughly the same as those in Napa, you can find additional locations and flexibility by looking at both Sonoma wedding venues and Napa wedding venues.

How do you find Napa wedding vendors?

Good news: we’ve already done much of the heavy lifting for you. Through our curated library of Napa wedding photos, you can find inspiration for not only your Napa Valley wedding venue, but also the best of the best local vendors, including:

Napa Wedding Planners: 

Look at Napa wedding planners to make your life easier during the time leading up to the wedding. Moreover, they can help you navigate your Napa wedding cost, because they will have relationships with the local vendors and can make recommendations for the most talented vendors who are within your budget.

Napa Wedding Florists:

Flowers transform any wedding venue into a magical space. Whether you’re looking at indoor or outdoor Napa wedding venues, you’ll likely want to hire a florist to help with the decor.

Napa Wedding Photographers: 

Your wedding photographer tells the story of your Napa Valley wedding. If you find a photographer you love first, you may be able to ask your Napa wedding photographer if they have experience working with the Napa wedding reception venues you’re considering too.

In addition to these experts, you’ll also want to find Napa wedding caterers, musicians, and wedding cake bakeries. Depending on the Napa wedding venue you select, they may have a preferred list of vendors, or they may allow you to bring in anyone of your choosing.

How do you get to your Napa wedding venue?

You might have heard of the Napa Valley Wine Train, but let’s take a step back: How do you get to wedding venues in Napa Valley in the first place? Unfortunately, the Napa airport does not welcome commercial airlines. So, what airport do you fly into for Napa Valley? First, there is the Sonoma County airport nearby, although it is for domestic travel only.

A bit further away are several larger international airports, including:

  • Oakland International Airport (63 miles away)
  • San Francisco International Airport (70 miles away)
  • Sacramento International Airport (75 miles away)
  • San Jose International Airport (95 miles away)

If you’re coming from San Francisco, the Vallejo Ferry from downtown San Francisco to Napa is a wonderful way to reach the best wedding venues in Napa Valley.

The next step? Browse Napa real wedding photos to find the best Napa weddings, Napa wedding venues and inspiration. Then reach out to the wedding vendors who created your favorite weddings directly through our site and start booking your dream day.