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We believe in FOOD. Our ingredients are our sustenance; we cannot achieve the summit without pristine & inspirational building blocks. We love local purveyors and seasonal items, as these allow us an authentic connection to terroir. As contemporary cosmopolitans, we also embrace our global culture, exotics and imports. We believe in PEOPLE. Our community is our soul & spirit. We are chefs, artists, actors, models, musicians, dancers, thinkers & rogue scholars. We support one another at work - but also in our retreats, softball team, theater events, excursions, parties and games. Our collective spirit animates our events in a way that rote professionalism never could. We are proud, we are vibrant, we are strange & wonderful. We believe in CRAFT. Our culinary craft is our body: heart, frame, muscle and gut. We understand ourselves first & foremost as craftsmen. We are driven by ingredients, not by ego; we are inspired by Nature, not by trends. Our cuisine aims to highlight not our own creative genius but the inherent beauty of the natural world. We believe in MAGIC. Magic happens when our food, our people and our craft become transformed into an authentic expressions of our clients' grander personality. We achieve this through collaboration, where we do our very best to interpret the character of our clients, as well as that of our clients' guests, setting, season and occasion. Magic cannot catch fire in a vacuum; without this last drop of supernal quicksilver our craft cannot come to life.


New York City, New York
Brooklyn, New York
Westchester, New York

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