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The name 'Cerbelli' has been synonymous with the finest events in the world. From New York to New Delhi and from St. Petersburg to Santa Barbara, Cerbelli Creative is more than an industry leader, they have become the icon; the go-to entertainment producer for Billy Joel, Robert DeNiro and Sir Paul McCartney, among others.

The key to the success of Cerbelli Creative is its namesake; Michael Cerbelli. Michael knows the secret to producing extraordinary events: An event doesn't have to be large to be 'big'. It doesn't have to be extravagant to be 'rich' and it doesn't have to be over the top to 'raise the roof'

Neither number of guests nor the price-point of an event define its success. Real greatness comes in the significance of the event to the event hosts, in the value it represents and the memories it creates. Michael Cerbelli enjoys the same challenge and rewards creating an intimate function for a special few as he does in producing a multi-million-dollar event for hundreds.

Cerbelli Creative is a dream factory, and their dreams are your dreams. If you can imagine it, Cerbelli Creative can exceed it. The satisfaction derived by Michael and the team at Cerbelli Creative comes from the wonder in your eyes at sights never seen before, the excitement of a moment never before dreamed, and beauty never before witnessed. With Cerbelli Creative, 'extraordinary' is never and intangible;' it is always and ever-present reality, simply waiting to be released by you.


New York City, New York
Northern New Jersey, New Jersey
Boston, Massachusetts

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