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Houston, Texas
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Photography, for me, is about telling a story. Sometimes the individual photograph stands alone, and at other times, it forms part of a larger narrative. This is what I strive to achieve in my work: to tell your story, to capture and magnify these special moments in your life, and to visually depict you (and your event) in a beautiful way. I grew up in a family where photography and art were a constant presence. The walls were covered with childhood photographs, portraits of my parents and grandparents, wedding photos of my older siblings, and more. I have early memories of evenings sitting around a slide carousel with my brothers, all the lights in the house turned out, watching slides that my parents had accumulated over the years. On very special occasions, the carousel was replaced by the 8mm projector! It was magical seeing those images projected onto the wall. The memories and magic of those photographs still exist for me today, and I would love to help you create your own.


Houston, Texas

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