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With her trademark mixing style (open format DJ-ing), inimitable blending of genres & decades, and a music collection that would make some radio stations jealous, musicologist NYC DJ Dina Regine has been spinning the minds and bodies at some of Manhattan's hottest clubs, weddings and celebrity events around the world for the last few decades. She has co-hosted and curated the music for Martha Stewart Weddings on Sirius XM, been a preferred DJ in NY Magazine Weddings ÎThe Cut' for the last 15 years, and has also been featured in ÎAsk An Expert' in NY Magazine. Dina Regine has co-billed with artists like Elton John, Stevie Wonder, The Beach Boys, Tom Waits and the Dalai Lama on some of her high profile events, and was the debut DJ for the Guggenheim Museum's wildly successful First Friday series. She's the Îgo to' DJ when the music really matters, each wedding curated for each client. No cookie cutter, no cheese, all fabulous, all fun. ÏI absolutely love getting emails from couples on their honeymoon saying that they had the best time ever, and that the guests had been texting them saying they had so much fun ÷ it makes my job the best job in the world. When I'm having fun, everyone has fun! Win win!!!Ó says Regine. Dina Regine is available for local (NYC, CT, NJ) weddings, as well as destination weddings worldwide. Multiple setups are available for Ceremony, Cocktails, and Reception. Contact Dina for price quotes and availability: divadivamusic@gmail. com or www. djdinaregine. comTESTIMONIALS:ÏDina Regine is a fabulous DJ! She knows how to read a crowd and keep people on the floor. She was very collaborative working with us on music. We had great music that set the mood for all stages of the night Ò ceremony, cocktails, dinner, then dancing, Our pictures look like we had a rave rather than a wedding. Ó Ò Cindy Chupack, Executive Producer, Sex and the CityÏThank you for making my party a huge successÓ CherÏI'm thrilled with the soundtrack of my memoriesÓ Ò Vivian ManningÏDina Regine was a godsend! A pleasure to work with, and a lot of fun to bootÓ Ò Sharleen SmithPRESS:ÏRegine's deft ability to Îread the crowd' is what makes all the differenceÓ Ò Modern BrideÏThe art world's wedding of the yearÓ Ò Vogue MagazineÏRegine is the Queen of celebrity party DJsÓ Next MagazineÏBring on Dina Regine and the metamorphosis is astoundingÓ NY Daily NewsÏA hard driving mix, all eminently danceableÓ The New York Times


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