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Tallahassee, Florida

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Classic and modern, contemporary and timeless, romantic and bohemian. We don't fit the mold, we create it. Fancy lives in the unexpected joy and adventure of life, where our number one priority is creating the event of your lifetime. Fancy is a boutique event planning and design firm that operates on the ideals that superior customer service is timeless, and operating with integrity, grace, and a dash of humor, can create your best day ever, flawlessly. Going the extra mile with a joyful heart, a sharp mind, a sense of humor, giving spirit, and little bit of confetti when necessary, is a requirement we are thrilled to carry with us at all times. Head over heals about people, and throwing a proper shindig, Fancy is based on the gorge Emerald Coast of Florida, but just pleased as punch to travel anywhere some Fancy is needed!


Tallahassee, Florida
Jacksonville, Florida

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