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My name is Ginevra and I am the Designer of the "Guinevere Vines" - wedding hair accessories for unconventional brides. I was born in Rome ( Italy) in a family where every member has always shown their artistic side . . . I'm so grown up with bread and creativity! Nothing serious until the most beautiful day of my life where I found myself in front of a crossroad: wearing the classic gorgeous veil or something out of the ordinary, different and unique? Obviously I opted for the second choise and that's how my first creation was born . . . All of my creations are the result of a double search for precious materials and continuous inspiration from everything around me. . . . indeed the New Collection " Whisper of Nature" is strongly influenced by nature in all its manifestations: the light games that cross the leaves in every seasons, the blossoming of flowers in the spring, the fall of a feather from the sky. . .



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