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Over the last ten years, Kate Headley has emerged as one of the leading, and most talented wedding photographers in the country. Her singular style is unmatched. Refined yet witty, classic but unconventional, familiar yet distinctive. Nationally recognized and named one of 45 TOP PHOTOGRAPHERS by Brides Magazine and one of 69 ÎTop Photographers' by Martha Stewart Weddings, Kate is truly known for her editorially driven imagery. 'How do you maintain and convey a sense of wonder after repeated exposure to these dramatic, joyful celebrations week after week?'Û 2019 a mother of a bride"As I click through the images my jaw dropped on more than one occasion. A few brought tears and some brought laughter. Overall they absolutely blew me away. Ü How you mixed the use of light and film was amazing. You captured the beauty of the moment but actually enhanced it with your technique. I am no expert on photography - but this is art. " Ü- 2019 father of a brideKate lives in Washington, DC, spends much of her summer in Northern Michigan and travels anywhere her clients take her.


Washington DC
Baltimore, Maryland

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