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We offer the best affordable price and our colourless Madestones price point is less by 40-50% in comparison to their natural sisters. Madestones coloured diamonds, like pink, blue and yellow, are carefully grown in our lab. Since, mined coloured diamonds are very rare, they are highly priced but at Madestones you will find these at extremely attractive prices. Most of our colour diamonds of at least 0. 30cts and more are certified and laser inscribed. We can also provide a certificate on smaller diamonds if our customers request so. Bespoke or custom-made diamondsMadestones is glad to offer custom made diamonds in fancy shapes to its customers. If you have something in mind and do not find that on our list of products, feel free to contact us and we will have it custom-made for you at our production unit. Madestones are ethical, environmentally friendly and affordable. They are a smart choice in diamonds.


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